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Sept. '07 Exteriors/Siding Module:

"This is my second module and I really enjoy the presentations. . . . I'm happy to know that the time will be well spent and that I will leave with a lot of valuable information, insight, and advice.  Keep up the good work."


"I find your seminars very practical and job specific and not stuffy and theoretical.. . .   Siding samples are good to see."


July '07 Marketing Module


". . . Good guys, friendly, good lunch, good information.  Really enjoyed the class/people."


"I found that with all the seminars available PIE is surely the most informative, along with the hands on electrical, Heat-Air classes.  These have helped me very much in starting up my new business here in Oregon."


"Lots of good ideas -  Good interaction!  Seemed to cover a wide spectrum of topics."


April '07 HVAC Module


"Very good class.  Open forum is a good way to go.  Sometimes you learn also from questions asked."


"You guys have done a great job with PIE and Thanks for the additional information.  It's helped my business grow.  Thanks again."


"I really enjoyed this module and presentation of the information (structured but free exchange of info. and ideas).  I'm looking forward to my next attendance."


2007 Full Training Programs


"The best money I've spent in a long time!  Great work guys."


"I was here for the Oct. 05 4-day seminar and all I could say was WOW!  Today's class on exteriors, WOW!  You guys do a great job.  Looking forward to many more.  Thanks."

"Energetic, positive, encouraging, helpful.”
- Aug. ’04 Plumbing Seminar


  “Clear, simple presentations...  Excellent visuals...  Excellent guest speaker...  The program is well organized from beginning to end.”
- Dec. ’04 HVAC Seminar


 “. . . your classes are top notch!”
- Dec. ’04 Electrical Seminar


 “Very interesting and informative . . . I appreciate the “inspectors’ perspective” of your presentations.” 
- Feb. ’05 Roofing Seminar


 “Having three professional inspectors that were enthusiastic, entertaining, and fun to talk to was a tremendous boost in my own enthusiasm for this business"  
- March ’05 Full Program 4-day Class


 “Overall, very impressed with presentation, class time, and curriculum . . . well worth the time and effort and expense  . . . ” 
- Oct. ‘05 Full Program 4-day Class



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Experienced Educators
Doug Barkee & Peter Barten
"With over 40-years combined experience
in the Building Trades and Inspection Industry,
we're ready to provide you with the training
you need for career success!"

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We use Dearborn Home Inspection Education Materials - The Best Curriculum in the Inspection Education Industry! 
We Believe in Hands-On Training using Visuals and Actual System Components, Product Samples, Photos, Graphics and Videos

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